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Discover the ultimate guide to taverns and how to bring them to life. Raised $20.000 on Kickstarter - Coming soon in PDF and Print

The Best Selling 5th edition and Pathfinder Adventure. What evil lurks in the depths?


LoreSmyth elevates your d&d game to legendary level with spectacular modular dungeon tile sets, best selling adventures, books and surprising articles. 

Don't roll to hit. Forge Myths!

LoreSmyth is a small (but epic) indie publisher. Elevate your d&d (or Pathfinder) game sessions to legendary level with our novel adventures, expert dungeon map tile sets and other play aides. Don’t Just Play, Forge Myths! 

With our hand-crafted products and surprising articles, we stand out from the crowd. Our wish? To inspire you and help take your gaming sessions to new heights. Our MapSmyth modular dungeon battle map tile sets are perfect for DnD, Pathfinder or any other tabletop RPG. You are the dungeon map maker now!  Or how about our best selling 5th edition adventure The Claws of Madness?  

We are excited to have you here, make yourself at home. We’re gonna have a good time together!

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