The Claws of Madness

5e and Pathfinder adventure module

The best selling adventure module that started it all. Perfect as your next campaign starter, that sets your heroes on a long-term adventure to save the world from falling prey to the Far Realm.

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Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

GM source book for any RPG

The Ultimate Guide to Taverns and how to bring them to life. 88 pages of system-neutral inspiration. Kickstarter hit and top 10 best seller on DriveThruRPG.

Savage Fantasy Campaign Setting

SAVAGE DAWN is a unique, evolving fantasy roleplaying setting, created through Patreon, where your play sessions directly affect, grow and shape the future our the world. The setting is established through a set of “starter content” and then grown through weekly and monthly Patreon content updates, that will evolve the world, inhabitants, and stories as you know it.

The best modular dungeon maps

Tired of wasting time searching for free maps on Google? Our modular dungeon maps are the best looking on the market. Create your own virtual battle maps easily in Photoshop, Roll20 or other software of choice. This will “wow” your players! Not too keen on building your own? Join our Patreon to get monthly one-page dungeon crawls and maps, ready-made in your inbox!

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