• New Review: Whispers from the Void adventure

    The always lovely Roleplaying Rambler has recently reviewed our brand new adventure module Whispers from the Void. This 5e book continues to thrilling story path presented in our best-seller The Claws of Madness. Whispers ups the ante, and introduces a new nefarious cult called the Prophets of the Void. Travis concludes “This adventure is again the high quality I have come to expect and appreciate from LoreSmyth. It has a lot to offer” and “I like the fact this adventure takes place at locations that are almost entirely outside, giving outdoorsy types a chance to shine that they don’t often get in your typical dungeon crawl.”  Continue Reading

  • The Claws Of Madness 5th edition adventure for Fantasy Grounds by Loresmyth Publishing The Claws of Madness now on Fantasy Grounds

    We are excited to let you know our best selling 5th edition adventure, The Claws of Madness is now available on Fantasy Grounds. No doubt you have heard of (or already use) this great virtual tabletop software. Thanks to the dedicated work of good friend Salvador Tillit, you can now enjoy our hit adventure, completely optimized for Fantasy Grounds dynamic and interactive system.

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  • How we helped create a best seller on DMs Guild

    It’s funny how life runs its course. Looking back, if it were not for the help of (now good friend) Benoit from Goblin Stone, Loresmyth would not exist today. When I was struggling to finish a little adventure called The Claws of Madness a few years ago, it was Ben who helped me pull through and publish it, and when Claws became a best seller, I realized exactly how valuable his help had been. And like history repeating itself, recently it was our turn to help an aspiring writer to get his first adventure published: within a week Shore of Dreams became a gold best-seller on the DM’s Guild… Continue Reading

  • The Obsidian King and more new adventure Pre-Orders

    After the massive success of our debut adventure The Claws of Madness (now a Gold best seller on DriveThru), many people have been asking for follow up adventures. We are a big fan of developing adventure modules, but with our other products also gaining recognition, adventures kinda took the fall for it. Until now that is! Read on for big news!  Continue Reading

  • The Chapel on the Cliffs - 5e horror adventure for dnd The Chapel on the Cliffs – 5e adventure out now

    Today we wanted to take some time to promote a fellow indie publisher. Frankly, because we feel there can never be enough support and recognition for what dedicated small studios are doing to bring gamers fantastic content. Our friends at Goblin Stone have just released their new adventure “The Chapel on the Cliffs” and it’s a must-own book! 

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  • The Claws of Madness (PF) Kickstarter funded over 400%

    Hello all,

    As the last seconds ticked away a few more backers jumped in and pledged, making us fund over 400% of our original goal. What can I say? Amazing result!
    Now that our Kickstarter has reached its goal, we continue work on delivering the adventure book to you. Much as already been done, and we are perfectly on schedule for delivery (April) for PDFs and (May) for the softcover books. If the postal and printing gods are smiling upon us favourably, you might even see your reward sooner…

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  • The Claws of Madness adventure comes to Pathfinder

    We’re excited to let you know our best selling adventure The Claws of Madness is coming out for the Patfhinder game system. Don’t miss our Kickstarter which is LIVE NOW if you want to support this project!!

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  • Why You Should Pay for Great Cover Artwork

    There’s a saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in marketing, the cover image of your book is pivotal to its success. It’s in fact the first thing people see, and in that split-second they scroll past it on their crowded social timeline, they’ll decide wether its interesting to them. Especially in print, but equally so in digital storefronts, a ton of customers simply buy based on seeing a fantastic cover and reading a few lines of synopsis. So it should be your top priority to get fantastic artwork for your book, if you want to increase your chances of commercial success.

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  • The Claws of Madness enters Top 5 Hottest D&D products

    We’re excited to let you know our first 5e adventure has hit the Top5 Hottest 5e-compatible products on DriveThruRPG


    Within just a few day’s time, positive reviews have pushed us high into the charts. We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in our Kickstarter, reviewed our book so far and of course: You who have purchased our product. We invite you to give us a rating on DriveThru, leave a short review of what you liked/disliked. That really helps a small indie publisher along.

    Stay tuned for more news soon!!


  • Editor of multiple award-winning D&D products to collaborate

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve got some very exciting news to share regarding the “Claws of Madness” Kickstarter. During development I’ve got in touch with some great professionals within the industry, who’ve earned their merit several times over. I learned a lot and met some great people in the process… but there’s more…

    I can now officially announce that if funded, the “Claws of Madness” adventure will be edited by Michele Carter, editor of multiple award-winning D&D products including the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook.

    I am truly excited about this fact, as it also heralds back to the beginnings of my own D&D days… To be able to work together with her on making this as awesome as possible is simply awesome.

    I didn’t want to keep this news from you, so there you go!
    What are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

    As always, you can help this Kickstarter by sharing it online.