Submission Guidelines

LoreSmyth is always looking to meet with talented writers. Want to write for us? Get in touch! 

How to submit?

  • Mail to
  • Include links or attachment (max 5mb) with samples of your published RPG work
  • Make sure to include your full name, facebook and twitter profile (if any)
  • Specify your preferred game system, and which you are proficient writing for

Can I submit adventure ideas?

Yes, although we have a certain type of things we love and are looking for. Because there is so much content, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We are looking for something unique, fresh and exciting that gets our creative juices pumping.

How we work

We are deeply involved and invested in making our products a success. Developing RPG products is very time consuming, costly and sometimes hard. Our expertise is finding the best qualities within the initial ideas, and then manage the entire process from taking those initial ideas all the way through development, re-writes, editing, play testing and publication/market. We help fine tune the initial ideas into a proper outliner with a solid, captivating plot structure, commissioning artists, find illustrators and create beautiful layouts and pre-press. When needed, we plan and run Kickstarter campaigns and handle PR.

Be open to changes and take direction

We are very hands-on when it comes to developing our products. It’s rare we don’t make changes, in fact expect us to do. Making structural changes to adventure ideas/plots/outlines/npc motivations etc helps us ensure we get the best possible product, and avoids costly pitfalls along the way. Having developed multiple products over the years, we know what to look for. We will only work with writers that take change well, handle input professionally and are generally easy to work with. Note that even if we spend considerable effort co-developing you will still be credited as writer on the front.

When not to contact

  • If you have no published experience whatsoever
  • If you have contacted us within the last 3 months and not heard back
  • If we don’t respond it generally means we are a) not interested at this time
    or b) of the opinion it did not meet the quality we are looking for

You are always welcome to contact again in a few month’s time.