Savage Dawn – Campaign Setting

A New Dawn of Discovery

Savage Dawn starts in the largely uncharted glacial wasteland called The Maw. One civilised stronghold remains defiant, isolated amidst the endless wastes. Within the walls of the Stronghold, its inhabitants rival for survival, power, and knowledge. Others, looking to escape the oppressive rule and live freely, form nomadic tribes outside the cradling walls. In the meantime, an underground movement of explorers known as Loresmyths has begun to secretly venture far into the uncharted wastelands and report their findings…

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Your Actions Shape the World

Savage Dawn is a unique, evolving fantasy roleplaying setting, where your play sessions directly affect, grow and shape the future our the world. Every month, GM’s and players get the opportunity to report what they have done, learned and charted. This content is curated by our editorial team and processed into future updates. The world map that starts out largely empty slowly will be populated as explorers report their findings. The world’s history timeline filled with the annals of events experienced by you.

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What makes Savage Dawn different?

Savage Dawn presents an primitive, arctic world, on the brink of a new dawn of discovery. It is mystical, raw and untamed – Very different than your typical medieval settings. Many tantalising opportunities for adventure and roleplaying await, such as:

  • Survive in a primitive world on the cusp of revolution
  • Wilderness exploration & survival in a primitive world
  • Uncover the mysterious forgotten past of this world
  • Wield the magical powers of the Prysm
  • Travel the mystical Ethervale: a spirit domain only accessible at night

Compatible with Any Fantasy RPG

The Savage Dawn campaign setting can be used with almost any fantasy tabletop roleplaying ruleset. The majority of the content is “flavor” based, assuming you (The GM) know how to roleplay it in your sytem of choice. We are here to provide you with a fantastic world. You decide how you play it.

The Details:

  • Savage Dawn is created and released under the OGL (Open Game License) and uses small parts of the 5e SRD.
  • 99% of the content is system agnostic, being location descriptions, characters, story material and other elements.
  • Newly designed monsters for Savage Dawn are provided as dnd 5e monster stat blocks
  • GM’s can use this as a completely new campaign world or place it into your existing world as a previously unknown region.

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