The Top 100 Remarkable Potions & Lotions

– The Epic Community Created List –


Wondering why your GM can’t wipe that evil grin off his face recently? It may have to do with our massive community-generated list of 100 nefarious Potions & Lotions (ok, that last part is a joke) and it’s bringing the best (or worst?) out in game masters around the world!

We are calling on you to create your own unique ideas (no existing published content) to compile the absolute best list of potions, poisons and other brews. The final badass list will be made available publicly and 100% free of charge. This is for the community, by the community! To make it clear – This must become the absolute gnarliest collection of suffering-infusing concoctions. This is your moment to shine in all your malicious glory!

A few house rules:

  • Rules system: 5e or rules-agnostic
  • OGL-compliant content: This means no copyright infringing (so no Wizards, Paizo trademarked names, places, etc) See this
  • What we want: Gnarly stuff? Funny? Destructive? Sneaky? Outright Evil? Yes, please!
  • What we don’t want: No gender, race or sexually degrading materials. Leave Dwarves alone! 😉

How to Contribute

  • Put your spelling-checked entries on our public Google Drive sheet
  • You may enter up to five of your best entries
  • Make sure to fill in all fields. Incomplete entries may be ignored
  • The submission deadline is March 25th

What happens next?

Once the submission deadline passes, our team will curate and edit the content to make the best possible list. Think of removing similar or duplicate ideas, rules clarifications and more. Our designers will then make it look nice and get it ready for publication. There will be several moments for review by the community, where any mistakes or feedback can be provided before making the final (FINAL REALLY FINAL HAMMIT.pdf haha) list. Everyone who contributed material to the final product will have their name included in the credits.


We have no commercial intent with this project. To limit the number of unusable submissions and because the above was too much to squeeze into a Facebook post, we chose to present the info here on our website. Because of the high volume of expected entries, we cannot guarantee your materials will be included. We will try our best to compile the best possible list in terms of variety, uniqueness, and excitement. Our team of editors is allowed to make changes where they see fit.

Questions? Complaints? Mail to contact@loresmyth.comMessage us on Facebook or Tweet us.