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Nekhathon – Egyptian Modular Dungeon Tiles Set


Create your own virtual Egyptian d&d dungeon maps with 80 amazingly detailed modular tiles. Nekhathon takes you beneath the hot desert and into ancient Egyptian city temples. Perfect for online d&d sessions and use in Roll20 and Fractal Mapper.

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MapSmyth Modular Dungeon Map Tiles are the next level in d&d battle maps. Make your own stunning digital maps in minutes. Now you are the dungeon designer!

Drag and drop into your favorite table top software of choice such as Roll20 and build something gorgeous in minutes. This pack includes several sample dungeon layouts for free. Created as a showcase using the modular tiles of this kit, these maps can be dropped right into your next game session! This set is perfect to create Hamunaptra like city environments.

This core set includes:

  • 116 Detailed Modular Dungeon Map Tiles (digital) and decorations
  • Tiles include corridors, rooms, stairs, junctions etc
  • Includes free sample dungeons created with this kit
  • Compatible with our other tile sets via including transition pieces
  • Ideal for use in Roll20

1 review for Nekhathon – Egyptian Modular Dungeon Tiles Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this modular expansion. The quality and details are amazing. It was a must for me to use with Tomb of Tiberesh adventure. Totally recommended.

    Really good job!

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