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Nebulus Outpost – Modular Dungeon Tiles Set


Create amazing looking Starfinder battle maps. Perfect for your science fiction roleplaying games. 100 highly detailed digital tiles to create stunning virtual dungeon battle maps.

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MapSmyth modular dungeon tile sets are the next level in D&D battle maps. Building your own stunning maps is easy and fun. Incredibly detailed and HD quality digital tiles. Perfect for use in Roll20, thanks to our seamless grid system. Now you are the designer!

In the vast expanse of space, numerous outposts and research labs float silently amid the stars. What mysteries are stowed away in these remote facilities? Pierce the darkness of space and discover in this new modular dungeon map tileset!

Nebulus Outpost is our first (of a series) of exciting sci-fi modular map tilesets, perfect for Starfinder, Star Wars, Star Trek and other games. MapSmyth modular dungeon map tiles are the easiest way to create stunning battle maps for your roleplaying sessions. Amaze your players with the highest quality maps on the market.

  • 100 modular building blocks and decorations
  • Hallways, rooms, stairs, corners, platforms
  • Crates, Cables, Forcefields, Doors, Warp fields
  • 4 Ready to use sample maps
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Now you are the dungeon designer!

1 review for Nebulus Outpost – Modular Dungeon Tiles Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I can’t wait to put these to use in a hard sci-fi or space horror game. These tiles are beautiful and would fit into any sci-fi genre story you are playing. Players just arrived at a seedy station outpost? What’s hiding in the shadows of that derelict freighter?!? There’s been an outbreak on the ship! These tiles are incredibly customizable and easy to use on digital VTT sites like Roll20. I love that I can spend 20 minutes building an incredible looking map for my players that is so atmospherically perfect that immersion is never an issue. If you GM sci-fi games, this pack is a must have!

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