Wild Growth – Modular Dungeon Tiles Expansion


Wild Growth brings you 40 Amazingly detailed modular tiles to forge your own digital dungeon maps. Nature has taken over and it’s beautiful!


MapSmyth Modular Dungeon Map Tiles are the next level in d&d battle maps. Make your own stunning digital maps in minutes. Now you are the dungeon designer!

The Wild Growth expansion pack consists of 40 insanely detailed Modular Dungeon Map tiles. Nature has reclaimed what is hers! Moss, lichen, brambles and even magical plants have totally overgrown the dungeon. These lush and gloriously detailed tiles are best used in combination with our Genesis Core Set for maximum combination options.


  • 40 Detailed Modular Dungeon Map Tiles (digital)
  • 12 Decoration Tokens (plants, stones, broken pillars etc)
  • 2 free sample dungeon maps, ready to use instantly
  • Includes new unique majestic rooms with spectacular detail
  • All tiles align to the grid (Roll20 default 140×140 pixel squares)
  • Compatible with all our other sets



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