Mystium – Modular Dungeon Tiles


The Mystium core set brings you 70 insanely detailed modular dungeon tiles. Create your own battle maps in minutes in Roll20.



MapSmyth Modular Dungeon Map Tiles are the next level in d&d battle maps. Make your own stunning digital maps in minutes. Now you are the dungeon designer!

Combine and Create – ‘Mystium’ is a modular dungeon map set consisting of 70 lavishly detailed tiles that provide nearly unlimited combinations. Drag and drop into your favorite virtual tabletop such as Roll20 or edit in Photoshop. Clone, flip, rotate, combine and save! This set is seamlessly compatible with all MapSmyth modular map packs.

Free Sample Maps – A sample dungeon layout included for free. Created as a showcase using the modular tiles of this kit, this map can be dropped right into your next game session!


  • 70 Detailed Modular Dungeon Map Tiles (digital)
  • Tiles include corridors, rooms, stairs, junctions etc
  • Seamlessly compatible with all MapSmyth modular map packs
  • Includes free sample dungeon created with this kit & Help File
  • All tiles align to the grid (Roll20 default 140×140 pixel squares)
  • Compatible with all our other sets



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