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The Claws of Madness PDF + Extended Maps (5e)


The Claws of Madness is the Gold-best seller 5th Edition adventure that has become a staple for GMs around the world, starting new campaigns.

  • This PDF version comes with the Extended Map Set
  • Beautifully detailed, high resolution extended maps of the dungeons, regional map, and key encounters. 

Carefully designed for a group of 1st-level heroes, including new monsters, magic items, and a thrilling story arc. Edited by Michele Carter (co-editor of the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook), this dungeon crawl combines the best elements of classic adventures with fresh new exciting avenues. The story in this book also provides the perfect base for an epic, long-running campaign suitable for higher-level characters, in which the heroes unravel the dark mystery of the mythical Hand of Narkul . . .

This is the PDF ebook.  Softcover books can be ordered from our DriveThruRPG page.


For centuries, Aelmor Monastery near the port town of Sestone was a safe haven for scholars, monks, and pilgrims seeking enlightenment, its renowned library home to an enormous collection of ancient manuscripts, tomes, and peculiar writings. After suffering a devastating attack at the hands of a possessed monastery elder, Aelmor fell into ruin, its troubled past forgotten. When villagers start disappearing and turn up horribly mutated days later, fear takes a grip of Sestone. What sinister forces are at work? And to what end?

  • 40 pages PDF e-book / softcover
  • Extended high-resolution maps of the dungeons, regional map and key encounters
  • Exciting dungeon crawl with new monsters & magic items
  • Drop into any existing campaign, easy to modify
  • Perfect basis to build a long-running higher level campaign
  • High quality maps, illustrations and cover artwork

What our customers say:

“Easily the best product I’ve Kickstarted in years”
“I was thoroughly impressed”
“Really a great introductory adventure, with a ton of mystery for everyone.”  

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1 review for The Claws of Madness PDF + Extended Maps (5e)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just started fresh as new DM and with a group of players that have never played before. This packet was perfect for us, it allowed me as a DM to follow a straighter path but gave a lot of wiggle room to improvise certain encounters or moments. If you are new to running a game with friends I couldn’t recommend this any more, or if you are experienced this book offers new locations and lore that you can easily fit into your current campaign as a side mission.

    Will definitly look at their other products, kickstarts, and the sequel to this story once my friends finish this!

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