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I remember vividly – like I was really there – all the incredible places we traveled to. All the colorful characters we met. Exploring the Realms together with friends made lasting impressions. The Dalelands, Elminster, the Underdark, a forge fueled by the fury of ancient dwarves. These all created strong impressions that stayed with me all these years, even when roleplaying took a backseat during life’s many distractions…

So, one of the million things on my sizable bucket list, was to create my own roleplaying adventure book. I started writing and thought “How amazing would it be to create something that sparks those same lasting impressions for new players?”. Inspired by personal favorites such as The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury and The Speaker in Dreams,  I tried to capture the same feeling I got from playing those adventures – and deliver something fresh and true to myself at the same time.

A lot of care goes into the development of our products, from the first draft on paper to the final artwork and illustrations. We aim to put out materials that we are extremely proud of – and hope they bring you the same wonder, thrills and lasting impressions I treasure so dearly…

~ Chris van der Linden

About LoreSmyth

LoreSmyth is a small indie team creating roleplaying adventures, sourcebooks and modular map tilesets. We are proud to say many of our products have become bestsellers, including The Claws of Madness and Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

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LoreSmyth Publishing.
Dorpsstraat 25, 5529 AV
Casteren, The Netherlands

Our Team

Chris van der Linden

Founder and creative director. I have 15 years experience as a graphic designer, pr, marketing and social media strategy. I grew up roleplaying and playing Warhammer. I paint some sexy miniatures.

Discord: https://discord.gg/zfquQmD

Robert Cater

Modular Map Testing & Mapmaking
Discord: @bloodyharbinger



David Adams – Writer for Savage Dawn campaign setting
Caleb Owens – Social Media Manager
Richie Kenyon – Adventure Modules Playtest Lead