• Editor of multiple award-winning D&D products to collaborate

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve got some very exciting news to share regarding the “Claws of Madness” Kickstarter. During development I’ve got in touch with some great professionals within the industry, who’ve earned their merit several times over. I learned a lot and met some great people in the process… but there’s more…

    I can now officially announce that if funded, the “Claws of Madness” adventure will be edited by Michele Carter, editor of multiple award-winning D&D products including the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook.

    I am truly excited about this fact, as it also heralds back to the beginnings of my own D&D days… To be able to work together with her on making this as awesome as possible is simply awesome.

    I didn’t want to keep this news from you, so there you go!
    What are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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  • Kickstarter “The Claws of Madness” launched

    We’re excited to announce you can now help publish our first adventure e-book: “The Claws of Madness”. Kickstarter is now live and kicking. Goooooo!!!
    Its been a fantastic ride so far, mostly under a veil of secrecy: But no more! We are rapidly approaching getting this baby out there for you GMs and players to enjoy.

    A small note of caution to players: The kickstarter updates/pictures might contain spoilers on the story of the e-book.

    Thanks for your ongoing support!

  • 5th Edition “Seal” graphic (Free Download)


    5edition-SealWhile working on my own open game license-based roleplaying adventure (Kickstarting right now), I created this “5 edition” seal stamp graphic. I found the one being used online at the moment to be somewhat boring looking (no offense) so I decided to make my own. If you like it, feel free to download it here and use it in your own e-books, products and whatnot. Have a blast! 🙂

    [button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”http://www.loresmyth.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/5E-SealLarge.psd” text=”Download PSD with Layers” color_override=”#f6653c”]

    There you go! Who doesn’t like a freebie? 🙂