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How to Get Murderhobos Roleplaying Again

Gimli art by M. Stewart

Are your players always swinging axes first, and asking questions later? Visceral combat is a big (and exciting part) of d&d, but you may feel your group hardly ever role-plays anymore, resolving every conflict with violence. So how can you deal with these so called Murder hobos? Check out our clever rules-twists that will get even the most die-hard combat junkies roleplaying again, plus give them a bonus to make combat even more memorable!

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Webshop problems (Updated)


We are currently experiencing some problems with our webshop. Some users get an “Oops Try Again” error message.
We are investigating and will post again soon when everything is back to normal.

*** UPDATE 1 ***

Purchasing products works again. We are still looking into cases where some users don’t get an order confirmation email, but you can access our download links in your account after purchase. Keep you posted and thanks for your understanding.


Apologies for the inconvenience!

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New: Modular Map Builder kit “Genesis”

We are excited to announce our brand new Modular Map Builder kit “Genesis”.
This set of 64 lavishly detailed tiles is the next level in geomorphic battle map tiles. Forge your own gorgeous dungeons in minutes, drop straight into Roll20 or another favorite virtual table top software. You can even combine the pieces in Photoshop and save/print your own maps.

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“Remarkable Inns” funded – $20.000!

At a record-breaking pace, our new book “Remarkable Inns” funded on Kickstarter, settling at a majestic $20.440 dollars. After reaching our initial goal in just 2 days, the pledges kept rolling in, powering through to the very last day of our Kickstarter. The community and backer response to this (slightly quirky) book has been phenomenal and we can’t wait for roleplaying gamers to get their hands on this. We are humbled and proud, this has been a remarkable ride for sure!

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