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Free dungeon map – The Lost Tombs of Nekhathon

Nekhathon free egyptian dungeon battle map

In just two weeks from now, our new modular dungeon map set Nekhathon will be released (pre-order now for only $3.99). Always wanted to take your adventures deep below the desert sands? Now’s your chance! Nekhathon brings you over 100 modular tiles and decorations, everything you need to create mysterious Egyptian-themed tombs and dungeons. To give you a taste of what this pack has to offer, here’s a free dungeon map created with Nekhathon, ready for your next game session!

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Announcing “Nekhaton” modular tile set

Nekhaton - Egyptian styled modular dungeon tile set

We are hyped to announce we are working on a brand new modular dungeon tile set “Nekhaton”!  The Egpytian flavoured set takes you deep below the hot desert sands, and into long lost tombs and ritual chambers. This tile set will go on Pre-Order soon. The level of detail is unprecedented – richly detailed and modular, allowing you to make your own amazing virtual dungeons easily.

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How to Get Murderhobos Roleplaying Again

Gimli art by M. Stewart

Are your players always swinging axes first, and asking questions later? Visceral combat is a big (and exciting part) of d&d, but you may feel your group hardly ever role-plays anymore, resolving every conflict with violence. So how can you deal with these so called Murder hobos? Check out our clever rules-twists that will get even the most die-hard combat junkies roleplaying again, plus give them a bonus to make combat even more memorable!

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